Stand Out From The Crowd With our branded sports wear.

Welcome to our shop. A range of branded sports kit is available to all our students. We do ask all athletes to purchase one of our branded T-shirts when they sign up with us, to help them feel part of our team.

Our official products are ONLY available from this website. We do not sell any products on eBay or Amazon.

DILI Short Sleeve top Boy and girls
Size S,M,L
Adult Short Sleeve top Men and women
Size S.M.L.XL
Adult long sleeve top
Size S,M,L,XL


  1. Water bottle (Coming soon)
  2. Power band (Coming soon)
  3. Mini-massage ball (Coming soon)


  1. Mug (Coming soon)
  2. Cotton bag (Coming soon)
  3. DILI Management teddy bear (Coming soon)

**To place an order please fill the form below. Stating name of item . All orders placed after midday on Friday will be processed on the following Monday. We do not take any orders by phone and do not accept payment by cheque.**