Introduction to athletics based movement, of running, jumping and throwing. With puppet friend TC.

Children at this age learn best through a secure and comfortable environment. 90% of the brain is developed in the first 5 years.

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Every Wednesday | 9:00am-9:30am | New River Sports center, White Hart Lane, London N22 5QW

Every Wednesday | 10:30am-11:00am | Lordship Recreation Ground, Lordship lane, London N17 6NU

Children will go on a super fun journey with puppet friend, TC. Our experienced instructors along with our puppet friend, TC, will take you and your little one through a wonderful world of exciting physical activity. Individual attention, positive reinforcement, and engaging original music to help develop basic skills of running, jumping and throwing that will have your toddler learn how to balance, run, throw and jump and play – While building confidence, working in a team and or group and social skills, preparing them for the early learning goals and having a blast!

Our classes help children:


 enhance cognitive skills


 develop social skills


 enhance rhythm and motor skills

About the Program:

Weekly classes of 30 minutes

Parent participation needed

Parent participation is needed

Fully trained coaches

Small class of 4Our classes are carefully crafted to meet the development needs of every child. Our educators and support coaches are highly professional and trained. 

Small class sizes

Starting with a welcome song with puppet friend TC and then jumps right into a super fun activity based on a weekly animal theme, visits to the sunny Caribbean islands or exploring Europe. With mini soft balls, sqs hurdles and cones are used as an age-appropriate tool to help begin to focus on the lower body.

Other activities include an upper-body activity, stretching song, and game. The class finishes with a strength and good-bye song.

We aim to inspire as many children and as possible, to believe, pursue, achieve a dream and never give up.

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